Welcome to TYPEBEA, haircare that’s about you.

We want TYPEBEA to be more than just haircare. It’s a brand inspired by you, and what you need to change the way you feel about your hair. For three years we poured our heart and personal hair struggles into creating effective products that recognise the intimate connection between hair and confidence.

Not confining based on type, but instead, democratising the individuality of hair and embracing wherever you are on your journey. Thinning or textured, coloured or damaged, extensions or natural, TYPEBEA is haircare for hair growth - and you're exactly our type

- Rita Ora & Anna Lahey


Formulated with integrity from scalp to strand, everything we put into our products is as important as what we leave out. That means clean ingredients that give your hair what it needs, without any of the bad.


    A natural complex of botanical extracts clinically studied to stimulate hair growth, improve hair density and enhance scalp health without any damaging impact.


    Sulphates can strip the scalp of its natural oils leading to irritation. We choose gentle, exfoliating ingredients to deep clean with a lather that’s silky not stripping.


    We prefer natural alternatives that preserve our formulas and keep them shelf stable without the potential health risks that parabens are known to have.


    When we say for all hair types, we mean it.  Every product is safe for colour-treated hair. No harsh ingredients that leave colour dull and faded, or ends dry and brittle.

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Lather only the good

TYPEBEA is haircare for hair growth and health. Focusing on efficacious, performance-led formulas powered by clinically-proven scalp-care actives and hair-nourishing ingredients that deliver undeniable results, and confidence. 

Premium packaging, bespoke fragrances, indulgent lathers — because wash days should feel like a self-care ritual. 

Powered by two entrepreneurial women and their own struggles with hair loss and years of damage from extreme heat and excess styling. This is a space for shared experiences — a community to grow and learn to love your hair again.